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Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft Access

School Productivity:




Easy Grade Pro

HTML Basics

Getting Started

Creating A New Document
Different Types Of Returns
Justifying Your Text
Zooming In And Out
Dragging Text
Creating A Style
Find And Replace Text
Using The Go To Features

Margins, Tabs, and Columns

Setting Margins
Setting Tabs
Setting Custom Tabs
Setting Columns

Formatting Text

The Font Menu Item
The Formatting Toolbar
Right Click Font Options

List Items

Creating List Items
Custom Bullets
Custom Numbered Lists

Inserting Items And Wrapping Text

Inserting Clip Art
Wrapping Text
Inserting Pictures
Inserting Word Art
Inserting Drop Caps
Inserting Symbols
Inserting AutoShapes
Inserting Comments
Headers and Footers
Page Numbers

Tables, Borders And Shading

Inserting A Table
Table Properties
Formatting A Table
Auto-Formatting a Table
Text Orientation In Tables
Table Formulas
Sorting Columns In Tables
Borders and Shading

Spelling And Grammar

Spelling And Grammar
The Thesaurus

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