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HTML Basics

KidPix Deluxe 3 Tutorials

Kid Pix cultivates children's natural creativity and builds self- confidence and pride of accomplishment - critical components of personal development.Let us help you teach students computer skills in conjunction with curricular objectives.

Getting Started

Adding A Student
Turning Off Sound Effects
The Small Kid Mode

Getting Familiar With The Tools

Adding Backgrounds
Adding Background Templates
Adding Stickers
Adding Animation
Adding Sounds
The Drawing Tools
The Paint Tools
The Paint Bucket Tools
The Undo Button
The Rubber Stamp Tool
Adding Text
Cutting And Pasting Text
Cutting And Pasting Objects
More Cut And Paste Tools
How To Delete Objects
The Hand Tool
Moving Stickers With The Hand Tool
Copying And Pasting Objects
The Eraser Tool
The Dynamite Tool
Saving Your Picture
Beginning A New Page
Printing Your Picture
Adding Texture To Your Page
Getting Help

Working With Fractions

Drawing A Circle
Shading Parts Of The Circle
Adding The Fraction

Ratios and Fractions

Stamping Pictures For A Ratio
Stamping The Numbers Of A Ratio
Drawing The Fraction
Adding A Textbox To Label The Ratio
Changing The Ratio

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