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Easy Grade Pro

HTML Basics

The Diagram View

Using Templates
Creating New Symbols
Symbol And Link Positioning
Using The Rapid Fire Tool
Changing Multiple Symbol Positions
Zooming In And Out
Deleting Symbols
Adding Symbols From The Pallet
Changing A Symbol
The Default Symbol Tool
Reapplying The Default Symbol
Changing The Default Symbol
The Link Tool
Adding Text To Links
Adding Notes To Your Diagram
Showing And Hiding Notes
Showing And Hiding Subtopics
Finding Topics

The Outline View

Adding Topics And Subtopics
Showing And Hiding Subtopics
Rearranging Topics And Subtopics
Adding Notes
Showing And Hiding Notes
Deleting Notes, Topics And Subtopics
Changing Prefix Labels
Starting At The Main Idea
Inserting Hyperlinks
Printing Your Outline

Finishing Your Diagram

Arranging Your Diagram
Formatting Your Diagram
Changing The Symbol Color
Changing The Background Color
Changing Link Options
Showing And Hiding Checklists
Drawing Tools And Textboxes
Bringing Items To The Front Or Back
Nudging Items
Recording Audio
Exporting To A Different File Format
Saving A Web Page

Online training at your convenience!
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