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Easy Grade Pro

HTML Basics

Getting Started

Opening A New Empty Web
Opening A New Index Page
Opening A New Template Page
Opening A New Template Web
Opening An Existing Web
Showing And Hiding Toolbars

Working In Different Views

The Page View
Previewing Your Pages
The Folders View
The Reports View
The Navigation View
The Hyperlinks View
The Tasks View
Tasks View Options
Revealing Tags In The Normal View


Inserting A Heading
Inserting A Heading In HTML
Different Heading Tags

Horizontal Rules and List Items

Inserting A Horizontal Rule
Inserting A Horizontal Rule In HTML
Inserting List Items
List Items In HTML

Paragraphs and Text

Adding A Paragraph
Adding A Paragraph In HTML
Changing Paragraph Alignment
Changing Font Options
Inserting Symbols


Inserting A Relative Hyperlink
Inserting A Relative Hyperlink In HTML
Inserting A Hyperlink To A URL
Hyperlinks To URL's In HTML

Working With Images

Inserting Images
Image Properties
Image Tags
Inserting An Image In HTML


Inserting A Table
Changing Cell Properties
Viewing Tables In HTML

Dynamic Effects

Adding A Scrolling Marquee
onMouseOver Events
More Dynamic HTML Events
Viewing Dynamic HTML Events

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