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Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft Access

School Productivity:




Easy Grade Pro

HTML Basics

Getting Started

Creating a New File
Creating a Table Using the Wizard
Creating a Table from the Design View
Creating a Primary Key
Selecting Data Types
Selecting Different Views

Working with Fields and Records

Entering Data
Saving and Deleting Records
Entering and Deleting Fields
Moving Fields
Resizing Columns and Rows
Hiding and Unhiding Columns
Freezing and Unfreezing Columns
Using the Find and Replace Feature
Sorting Fields
Filtering By Selection
Filtering By Form

Working with Queries

Using the Query Wizard
Creating a Query from the Design View
Using Specific Criteria in Queries
Sorting Queries
Queries of Multiple Tables
Using Additional Query Criteria
Saving a Query
Hiding Fields in Queries
Multiple Criteria in Queries
Using the "or" operator

Working with Forms

Entering Data in Forms
Creating Forms
Creating Forms Using the Wizard

Creating Relationships

Forming Relationships
Creating a "One to Many" Relationship

Working with Reports

Using the Report Wizard
Using the AutoReport Feature
Changing the Design of a Report

Online training at your convenience!
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